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Friday Nov. 8, 2013


Something About Reptiles has been opening hearts and playing music in its's many incarnations since 1999. Today in 2013, Something About Reptiles consists of Burcu Ozdemir, on vocals and tongue and cheek english translations. Alison Jenkins on her magical accordian, clarinet and back up vocals. Amrit Basi a fierce percussionist on the darbuka. Noah Walker, master of surf-turk licks on his guitar. Katheryn Petersen, with her killer red accordian and love of Something About Reptiles. Elliot Vaughan, a truly kind and gentle human with superman tendencies on his viola. And last but definitely not least, Michael Alleyne, a strong and serious stand up bass player, completes this 7 piece ensemble beautifully. I am very grateful to have all of these incredible humans and musicians in my life!

Over the years, we did everything from jazz, country and folk festivals to restaurants, bars, theatre and private parties. our fans range from children, elders, all kinds of queer folks, international musicians and so call conservative crowds. Heck even Tom Waits loves us, who knew!


Something about reptiles were also priviledged enough to be heard all the way in Istanbul's streets of Kustepe, the rocking bar Otto Santral of Bilgi University, the famous and unforgettable restaurants Zihni and 8 and a half, as well as the decadent and unbeliavable Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair. Lucky for us, we were fortunate enough to also meet and get to know lots of angels along the way like Dilara and Apo Akay in Istanbul and their entire family and clan!
We thank Istanbul and all of you from the bottom of our hearts and souls!

We were also in the compilation cd from Berlin, Germany, "beyond Istanbul 2, URBAN SOUNDS OF TURKEY", produced by the world famous and a good friend, Ipek Ipekcioglu. Our track, number 12, "Yuksek Yuksek Tepelere" is described as a sound that is "like a chanson simple, heavy and tragic.

A special thanks to all the children of Kustepe, Istanbul for being so welcoming, full of life and letting us play music on their streets. Especially all the brothers and cousins of Saksuka!

Iste boyle, one song at a time we've been at it for about 15 years. Over time, we've had many more incredible musicians join us like Richard Spencer, a truly sick guitarist. Russell Scholberg, another truly kind and gentle man , and Sam Schoichet, a local fantastic musician, on stand up bass, Duane Murrin a mean guitarist and a great dad, as well as Amelia Rose on her ancient violin, with her beautiful spirit and smile.

Biz o eski turk sarkilari yeniden yikip eskiden yaptik. Onlari bazen de ingilizceye cevirdigimiz zaman, anlamlarini degistirip yeniden tanistirdik, kendime de, sizlere de.

Burcu and Something About Reptiles

Reptiles Music

*cd, demo only, not for sale ---Buy a t-shirt get a free cd----

Our new cd "tovbe tovbe" was recorded at Vancouver's Hayz Recording studio in 2012.

Hayz can be found at

Something About Reptiles

From Istanbul to OrangeVille : Gabriola's Jellyfish Recording Studio in 2000
Album Review from the Discorder (Vancouver Newspaper)

Gypsy music is synonymous with passion, no? Of course. Local gypsy fusionists, Something About Reptiles, will sweep you away with diasporic melodies that are plenty passionate without going over the top. From sardonic sarcasm to sensual coaxing, vocalist and clothing magnate, Burcu Ozdemir, proves herself to be an original and elegant vocalist, even when drawling
“I don’t give a fuck” over and ove

The instrumentation consists of contrabass, accordion, clarinet and various guitars ensconced in a warm analogue vibe and is rhythmically powerful enough that I didn’t mourn the absence of drums. What I’m assuming to be the band’s debut disc was “recorded live off the floor in 11 hours” at Studiojellyfish on Gabriola Island last October, and the songs have the deep warmth and familiarity that accompanies much ‘folk’ music, yet the Reptiles retain an experimental feel by including giddy outtakes, maniacal moaning, and the like.



Burcu Ozdemir is a Turkish Canadian singer, a mother and a vintage clothing magnate in her legendary vancouver boutique, "Burcu's Angels". With her band, "something about reptiles", she sings nostalgic and ironic pop songs steeped in Turkish motifs. These fearless and emotional tunes can move all to "bosver", or in English, dance and not give a fuck anymore! Refusing to fall into what she affectionately calls, the "ethnic hole", her band "something about reptiles", is thoughtful, unapologetic, yet encompasses all four directions. Not just east.

"From the east coast to the west, people are lost at their best
We blame the aliens in Canada
Can't say that we're born again, though we yell bingo now and then
I'm so happy to live in Canada
From the south coast to the north, i am an alien in both
My silence can't comfort you anymore
I will say that i am born again, when i yell bingo now and then
I am so happy to live in Canada,
I am so lucky to live in Canada
Aren't you lucky to live in Canada"

some may call it gypsy...........
some may call it punk
some may swear
it's just turkish pop
we call it Something About Repitless


Amrit Basi,
a very high in demand drummer/multi-percussionist t/beatboxer who maintains a busy gigging and recording schedule in Canada with many projects and artists. Some of his other bands are Inject (live electronic improv trio), Blackberry Wood (gypsy/circus/country ensemble), Zenobia Salik (r&b soul diva), and Haagen-Ryuzen (world beat/electro quartet). 

Amrit accidentally joined Something about Reptiles 10 years ago when he walked in front of Burcu's clothing shop. The next thing he knew was that he was staring at himself in the mirror wearing a turquoise, corduroy suit, while Burcu proceeded to throw her darbuka at him. Good thing he caught it.

Katheryn and her red accordion have been inseparable for years. If you see her on the street she will no doubt be hefting a distinctive piece of luggage with her, one that is regularly mistaken as an electronic typewriter case. Although the tapping of keys can make a joyful sound, she is glad hers are attached to bellows and not ink ribbons.

Her accordion has taken her to Europe and through BC and Alberta with various different musical acts including Something About Reptiles, Blackberry Wood, Joanna Chapman Smith, & Melissa Bandura. In town, Katheryn and her red accordion join up with Los Portenos del Norte, Lindy Gray, Tim Sars Trio, The Burnettes, and Glittering Kingdom. It is not clear which one of them, Katheryn or the red accordion, is the bride in this happy marriage, but let’s just say that neither would be complete without the other.

Michael Alleyne Turned off by his experiences with classical violin and piano, it took him until he was in his teens to find his way back to music through what Kitchener at the time called "hardcore" or "hardcore punk". The energy that three or four unskilled musicians could create was a total surprise, and led eventually to him playing bass for Two-Fisted Law. And then eventually a rhythm guitar seat in a band called Noisefloor.

Noisefloor eventually travelled to British Columbia because Columbia Records "came a courtin' ". Fairly shortly after arriving Noisefloor proceeded to dying. Since the move he has played with Bunco and the Single Malt Quartet, Blackberry Wood, Andy Warren, Quartet M, Smaq U2, Wanda Nowicki, 100thMonk, Le Chat a Besoin, Inject, Tony Ezzy and the !00th Monkey Crew, Michael Coury Trio, Nir Blue and others. But for the last decade at least, one of his favourite things to do is back up his favourite local diva, Burcu, the Fairy-Godmother herself, and her well soiled musical garment, Something About Reptiles.


Guitarist Noah Walker is talented. He gets down with raunchy old school blues, shreds the surf-guitar style to pieces, and dazzles with the precision of jazz, topping it off with good old rock ‘n roll sensibility.

Noah is prolific around his Vancouver home, both as an in-demand sideman playing with every type of band from folk to gypsy jazz, and through his years of playing on Vancouver’s Commercial Drive with his original Cuban Surf-Jazz band, Queso Blanco. Away from home, Walker is best known for his long time collaboration with musical madman C.R. Avery, touring extensively in North America and Europe over the past few years. He’s an award-winning player with a degree in Jazz guitar, and it’s no surprise considering music has been a part of his life from the start, being raised in the remote islands of Haida Gwaii by folk musician parents. 

Elliot Vaughan ( is a composer and violist living and working in Vancouver. He plays regularly with his band The End Tree (, Jay Malinowski's The Deadcoast, string quartet Four on the Floor, and of course the reptiles. Elliot writes music for dance, theatre and concerts.
Alison Jenkins is an actor, singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer. She plays accordion and clarinet with the band Something About Reptiles, who are just about to release their second album. In theatre, Alison’s most recent gig was composing and recording the sound design for the Arts Club Theatre’s “The Unplugging”, directed by Lois Anderson. She has also worked for Studio 58, Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company, Chemainus Theatre and Axis Theatre, among others. Alison spends her springs and summers in historical Barkerville BC, where she works as a performer/musician for Theatre Royal. She is currently a Jazz Studies student at Capilano University, and hopes to get a degree in Music Therapy.


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